A global innovation and production company, right from the start

Drones and other unmanned vehicles have been of interest for the past several years, but large-scale adoption of such technologies is yet to be seen. We envision a day when unmanned vehicles create value and solve a wide range of tasks unimaginable today.

Having been engaged in delivering complete turn-key unmanned solutions for almost 10 years, we realised the importance of ensuring quality in every component integrated. At UAV Components, we work hard every day to ensure the highest quality of the components that we design, develop and manufacture.

We help innovators deliver cutting-edge solutions

At UAV Components, we work hard every day to deliver products that add value to our customer solutions. We do that by combining research, development and production capabilities, which enables us to work closely with our clients in delivering vital components that are seamlessly integrated into their offerings.

Today, our offerings can be divided into three categories, namely ‘Control Systems’, ‘Communication’ and ‘Electronics’, which are all designed and developed by our internal experts in cooperation with international research institutions. Besides from our internal design and development teams, we benefit from an international, flexible production setup that enables us to scale up the production capacity to accommodate the demands of our customers.